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Message from the Network Director

Welcome! We are pleased that you have taken this opportunity to visit our web site. This site is an exciting part of our commitment to make your experience with the VA MidSouth Healthcare Network (VISN 9) as personal and as individual as we can.

Honoring Veterans with exceptional health care that extends beyond medical treatment but also focuses on the individual well being of Veterans is exactly what VISN 9 strives to do.

The Network's overall goal is to provide employees with a framework to achieve and maintain exceptional health care services to Veterans and their families in a timely manner that improves their health and well being.

The Veterans Health Administration has new planning strategies for improvement, each of which will help us to enhance our leadership in health care and meet the challenges the future holds in store for us.

We encourage our Veterans to be active participants in their care to the greatest extent possible. One way you can do this is to establish your profile in My HealtheVet. At My HealtheVet, you can read more about what interests you, as well as manage aspects of your care. An informed Veteran is a better patient and a terrific advocate.

It is our ongoing objective to ensure that all eligible Veterans receive timely, compassionate, and high-quality health care. It is not enough for us to be recognized for being good at what we do. We must be exceptional!

Again, welcome to VISN 9. Come back often!

J. Brian Nimmo, Director, Huntington VAMC
J. Brian Nimmo
Huntington VAMC

Emma Metcalf, Director, Lexington VAMC
Emma Metcalf
Lexington VAMC

Dr. Marylee Rothschild, Interim Director, Louisville VAMC
Marylee Rothschild
Interim Director,
Louisville VAMC

C. Diane Knight, Director, Memphis VAMC
C. Diane Knight
 Memphis VAMC

Charlene Ehret, Director, Mountain Home VAMC
Charlene Ehret
Mountain Home VAMC

Juan Morales, Director, Tennessee Valley Healthcare System
Juan Morales
Tennessee Valley HCS

John Patrick, Director, MidSouth Healthcare Network (VISN 9)
John Patrick
MidSouth Healthcare Network
(VISN 9)